2023 Fearless Awards

Here's the schedule of Fearless Awards Collections for 2023:

Collection 70

Collection 71 - form opens on April 14, free entries before end of May 15

Collection 72 - free entries before end of July 15

Collection 73 - free entries before end of September 15

Collection 74 - free entries before end of November 15. This is the final Collection of 2023.

There are some changes to the competition for Fearless Awards. More details will be available when the Entry Form for Collection 70 is open.

"2023 Fearless Photographer of the Year" Competition


After Collection 74, a special competition will be held to determine the 2023 Fearless Photographer of the Year!

Only members who earned the highest number or second-highest number of Fearless Awards in 2023 are eligible to enter the competition for 2023 Fearless Photographers of the Year.

For example, if Photographer A and Photographer B each earned 15 Awards (highest number) and Photographer C earned 13 Awards (second-highest number) then all A, B, C are in the competition to be 2023 FPOY.

The competition will be a judging of the photographers' best wedding photos made in 2023. More details will be available before the competition.
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