Redfin's 25 Ways to Style Your Home with Photos

If there's one thing that can transform the look of any room in your home, it's decor - and more specifically, photography. Whether it's abstract, nature, or family prints, photos have a special way of personalizing a space and making a house feel like home. But with so many options to choose from, visualizing how to style your photos in a way that enhances your home's design can be a challenge.

Redfin recently compiled expert advice from professional photographers:

"25 Unique Yet Timeless Ways to Style Your Home with Photos, According to the Pros."

Fearless Photographers is proud to be featured at #8:

A collage for each member of your family

Relive the fearless and unforgettable memories of childhood. Use casual snapshots and professional photos to create a big collage for each child in the family. These collages are beautiful reminders of their childhood moments and serve as wonderful conversation pieces for the family or visitors.

Thank you Redfin!

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