Get Your Work Featured

Our mission is to showcase your wedding photography to the world.

Here's how to get your work featured:
1. At the beginning of every month at Fearless Facebook Group we have a post where you can post the link to your recent Facebook or blog post and we will share it on the Fearless Facebook Page.

2. Keep adding good photos to your Fearless profile gallery. These photos will be considered for Fearless Photos of the Week.

Add photos here: Your Member Admin Page

3. Enter photos for Fearless Awards at Entry Form

Here's the schedule of Fearless Awards in 2024: 2024 Schedule
4. Tag your Instagram photos with the secret hashtag so they may be shared as Instagram stories.

Because of the Instagram format, we have to use a different secret hashtag for each month so I can see your photos.

The hashtag for each month is:

June: #fearless2024june

July: #fearless2024july

August: #fearless2024aug

September: #fearless2024sep

October: #fearless2024oct

November: #fearless2024nov

December: #fearless2024dec
5. When we have Photo Challenges, submit your photos to be considered:

Photo Challenges
Looking forward to seeing your photos!
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