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Use this form to request a free 1-on-1 mentoring session in exchange for paying it forward by mentoring 2 people for free in the future. Those sessions can be next week, month, or next year. There's always someone wanting to learn from your experiences.

Session is limited to one per photographer. Due to availability, not all requests will be selected. You will be contacted through email only if your request is selected. Session may be done in a webinar setting with an audience, live-streamed, recorded and shown to the public. The session limited to about an hour.

Preference are given to photographers in underserved communities or who are in need of the most help.

We look forward to talking with you!

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Available Mentors

Huy Nguyen (USA) - I was a photojournalist and a wedding photographer for many years before founding Fearless Photographers and making it my full-time job. I have also taught many workshops on documentary photography and wedding photojournalism. I would love to help you with anything related to "real moments" photography because I really believe in it. I can also mentor in posed portrait photography, business, mindset, and self-help stuff too if needed. In the session, we can talk about your photos, photography, business, personal stuff, anything...

Here's a recent mentoring session with Ken Pak:

Linda Bouritius (Netherlands) - I specialize in 1-on-1 mentoring focusing on bringing out the best next step for the mentee. Not teaching a one size fits all, but really love to dive deep taking your own work as a starting point and grow from there. Mixing personal growth with photography.

Darien Chui (USA) - I offer 2 areas of mentorship: Marketing, and Creative. Need help getting more leads, better leads, or more bookings? I can help with your website design, copy, Facebook ads, and consultation/sales. Or maybe you're looking to improve your work? Let's look over and critique your portfolio - or we can go over and break down techniques, lighting, and composition of any of my own images. Can't wait to talk soon!

Melissa Suneson (Mexico) - After almost 10 years of being a wedding photographer and having attended many conferences, mentorships and workshops, one of them Foundation Frist Workshop by the creator of Fearless Photographers, I have reached the point where I know I can help others through my own learning at this point. My photography focuses on real moments which I love, and of course it comes in hand with photographing with the 3 important factors to take in account: Light, Moment and Composition. We can analyze your portfolio, talk about the photos you take on a wedding day and see what areas of improvement you may have, or answer any questions you may have in regards of the areas you feel you need advise to make better photos. Having been there I offer you a friendly and safe environment to open your mind and heart and find together answers and advise to reach some aha moments that could help you out in your own path in this craft.

Deanna Johnson (USA) - I'd love to help anyone struggling with creating a great client experience. From interacting with your client at their first inquiry, to educating them through the flow of a wedding day, to wrapping up and delivering promised goods, I'd love to guide you through your trouble spots to help you build great relationships with your clients that turn into rave reviews and a more consistent workflow experience for your business.

Jenny DeMarco (USA) - I have always really loved learning about business, finances, marketing, and productivity. But for me personally, I have to take those complicated concepts that big companies are using and translate them into simple steps that I can understand and use.

And that is what I did. I made tweaks and changes, I created goals and plans for how to achieve them. I set up systems. I developed the confidence to feel like I knew what I was doing to grow and run a professional studio.

But most importantly, this has given me a sustainable six-figure income year after year doing what I love! I can help photographers with album sales, marketing, or planning (either marketing, goal setting, business financials).

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