A dark hall and two well-lit doorways presented two pools of light. At the far end of the hall, the bride stands framed in a beam of light. In the foreground, the groom was posed to cast a perfect shadow. The distortion of a wide-angle lens created a huge size disparity between the two, while the lighting/posing yielded contrasting black-on-white and white-on-black compositions. Each of these tools was used to best effect for a dramatic and amusing outcome.
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Vinci Wang
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As a wedding photographer, Vinci Wang insisted on the concept of documentary to record the wedding in a beautiful moment, advocating the use of light and composition to express a different story of emotion. He kept in the shutter every time to find those who are independent of the new people can not re-engraved screen. The quality of the wedding image quality requirements in the harsh, he hoped that his works can confront the time, to resist the traces of years, so that new people in ten years or even decades after the appreciation can still feel these wonderful moments as if yesterday.
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