This might be one of the few times a muted gray sky works in the photographer's favor—when it's filled with a soaring groom! This graphic black & white shot is full of charm, and it took some seriously on-point timing to capture such a great expression. Notice, too, all the triangles that help make the composition so powerful—the upraised arms of the "throwers," the almost perfectly symmetrical arms and legs of the groom, and even the facade of the church in the background. Those diagonals all make the image look as full of life and energy as the event must have felt to the men.
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For me, photography is a way to expose life at its best. My spontaneity of expression and my professional, yet friendly nature allow me to capture the most natural once-in-a-lifetime moments through my lenses. Throughout the wedding day, I am watching the emotions and expressions of the couple as they interact with guests and family members. My job is to freeze those precious moments and make them as beautiful as the couple remember it in their hearts. My unmatched thirst for exploration, paired with unrelenting energy, creative ability, a professional attitude and dedication to the art of photography is what allows me to photograph lifestyle assignments such as weddings.
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