Artistic mages that force us to do a little deciphering often captivate our attention. The rich color and contrast of the shadows instantly draw your eye into this image, but it takes a little more exploration (following her veil) to alight on the couple at the far right edge. Creating a shot like this means looking beyond the obvious.
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"Davina and Daniel Kudish seem like they're too fun to be seriously phenomenal photographers, and too young to have the distinguished careers that they have, but they are and they do. Setting trends in wedding photography, this upbeat award-winning team delights discerning couples from around the world and impresses editors and photo curators everywhere. Just check out their portfolio and blog where you'll find 100's of gorgeous, hilarious, tear-jerking images; then let yourself imagine just how amazing you'll feel when they capture your wedding day in pictures." - Junebug Weddings
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