Fearlessly Artsy

Artsy photography is anything but traditional. With inventive angles, colors, poses, and settings, it challenges your expectations of wedding photography. Through dynamic images that surprise and delight, it may also open your eyes to a new and deeper way of connecting with the subjects, emotions, and moments.  
Artistic photography is ideal for the creative couple that thrives on bold design, fine art, and fashion.

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There could hardly be a more ideal or meaningful frame to surround the bride, groom, and priest during one of the most important religious ceremonies in most Christian's lives. Centering the opening in the frame made it all the more powerful, and letting the dappled light on the door fall softly out of focus gives it an almost heavenly appearance. 

Top “Fearlessly Artsy” Photographers

US & Canada
David Murray 16
Curtis Moore 44
Lionel Madiou 9
Bryan Newfield
New Mexico
Craig Fritz 26
Rhode Island
Heidi Gumula 5
Nina Nikolova 72
Anna Kalina 85
Benjie Tiongco 7
Sri Lanka
Geeshan Bandara 8
Jesus Ochoa 159
Tin Martin 50