Awarded by Christina Craft: 3 + Jon Mold: 2 + Vinci Wang: 2 = 7 points 
In this round there were a lot of high-contrast images with dark, blackened shadows and some sort of gobo effect on the couple. So, why did this one stand out? First, the gobo effect is evenly distributed across both the bride and groom's faces. The positioning of the couple is well done and I like that the gobo light doesn't shine anywhere except on their faces. Therefore, your eye is anchored on them and only them. Their expression says happiness and joy. The smiles look natural like this could have been a completely candid shot. If it was candid, then even bigger kudos to the photographer for seizing the opportunity. One suggestion... either in camera or cropping... I don't think the groom's ear adds anything to the image and it does pull the eye. The photographer could have done an even more brilliant job by cutting out the ear and allowing a bit more black negative space on the viewer left side of the image. 
- Christina Craft
Gerhard Nel

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