The Groom on the Wedding Day

Weddings are often thought of as “the bride’s day,” but today’s grooms are demanding an equal role in the narrative. Fearless Photographers know just how to create images that will suit his style—from stylish editorial looks, to lighthearted lifestyle images, to classically masculine posed portraits. As you’ll see in this gallery, adding the groomsmen to the equation just elevates the fun and creativity! Grooms who don’t mind being the center of attention (or who need a little coaxing to believe that wedding photos can be exciting) should take a look at this gallery. 

Top “Beautiful Grooms” Photographers

US & Canada
Washington, DC
Nat Wongsaroj 66
Destination Weddings
Andrey Nastasenko 17
Axel Drenth 4
Yu Hsin Seah 6
Aidan Dockery 37
United Kingdom
Jon Mold 42