South Asian Weddings

South Asian weddings are known for their ornate clothing, spectacular décor, and meaningful traditions. With multiple rituals often conducted over several days, there are lots of opportunities for eye-catching photos of brides adorned in mehndi, grooms on horseback, families dancing with drums, and much more. Fearless Photographers clearly love these hallmark shots—but they also know that what really counts are those images that seem to transcend culture: expertly crafted photographs that capture the excitement of being in the moment and reveal the deep relationships between the couple and their loved ones.  
This gallery, featuring work by Fearless Photographers from around the world, is a treasure trove of those bold, creative images.  
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Top “South Asian Weddings” Photographers

US & Canada
Medhavi Modi 1
Curtis Moore 19
Karen Eng 5
North Carolina
Josh Hartman 10
Jacob Hannah 9
Adina Preston 1
Washington, DC
Ken Pak 6
Nick Stewart 18
Ashvin Ghisyawan 80
Yu Hsin Seah 5
Sri Lanka
Geeshan Bandara 20