There could hardly be a more ideal or meaningful frame to surround the bride, groom, and priest during one of the most important religious ceremonies in most Christian's lives. Centering the opening in the frame made it all the more powerful, and letting the dappled light on the door fall softly out of focus gives it an almost heavenly appearance. 
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Maroun Chedid
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My passion for photography goes back to a very long time and it was my favorite hobby through many years. 
Soon after I achieved my university studies in Mechanical Aviation in 2005, I decided to improve my passion for photography and started to develop my skills through experience and academic education. Since then, I have photographed Weddings, Events and Music Videos. 
My positive and passionate personality has enriched my ability to create very stylized and colorful images, which makes them flow gracefully and beautifully. My photos are a reflection of your unique stories, seen in artistic eye. They will tell you more about myself.
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