Fearless photographers aren't scared to get right in the middle of things—sometimes literally right in the middle of things. Here, the photographer let the bride's big, wild smile fade to a blur in the background and focused, instead, on the real point of connection: the couple's clasped hands. 
Based In: Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40729053852
Average Price: $$$$
Recent Fearless Awards: 17
Marius Barbulescu
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About Marius Barbulescu:
It's almost impossible for me to describe my photography... I love God, my family and friends, music and books and all that is who I am. I'm always trying to keep things simple because I believe that less is more in everything that counts.  
My photography is who I am and if it gets better with time, then I'm becoming a better person... and vice versa. I am just a happy man in love with life.
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