This is definitely not your typical wedding image, but it's got more than just shock value. The literally "in your face" composition, the bride's disbelieving gesture, and the framing of the secondary dancer elevate our appreciation for this image above mere prurient intrigue.
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Lanny Mann
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About Lanny Mann:
Based out of the Canadian Rockies, we travel throughout the world, specializing in artistic, documentary wedding photography. Our goal is bold and simple; to tell your story through images that wil blow your mind. 
Our approach to your wedding photography begins when we first meet and revolves entirely around your experience. With creative eyes, imagination and an artistic vision, we set out to capture the authentic story of your day as it unfolds, unassumingly from the shadows... allowing you to truly experience the natural magic of your wedding day. At times, we'll also create some magic of our own by taking a more active role in directing. All the while, we'll be doing what we do best - seeking out authentic moments, beautiful light and raw emotion, and blending them all together in your photographs. 
At the heart of our art, is an insatiable love for life, each other and our two adorable little Manns - Madelyn and Timmy. We cherish life, love and the beautifully unique celebrations we're fortunate enough to be invited to. It's an honour of which we're in awe and that will forever inspire our work.
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