While we all know that emotions don't strictly play favorites with genders, it's perhaps a bit more expected to see a groom comforting an overcome bride. That flip-flop alone gives this image a certain intrigue. The perfect timing in capturing the bride's sweet kiss takes it to the next level.
Based In: Zaragoza
Phone: +34 649 461 767
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Carlos Santanatalia
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About Carlos Santanatalia:
I am a wedding photographer for true passion and insistence, because I like this job and because I do not see myself doing anything else 
I like to tell stories through photography, my dedication is only and exclusively to wedding photography, because I love the frenzy and fun of weddings, because I love to freeze moments and make them eternal with my camera, 
Because those moments make me laugh and cry to the couples, my couples, my dear couples.. I make a limited number of weddings a year, because I like to get involved in each and every one of the memories that are presented to me as a wedding photographer, because I want each story to reach the bottom of each couple and each guest, because my greatest enjoyment Is the experience of couples.
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