Great lighting, great timing, and a great moment all come together in this photo. Just before the deluge overwhelmed them, the photographer captured the couple's priceless expressions of surprise (and near dismay). Light vignetting keeps our gaze focused right on the action.
Based In: Bari
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Francesco Gravina
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I've always believed that photos are extension of what photographers see with their heart not only with their eyes. Since I was a child I have been intrigued by the world of photography, one of the most versatile form of art. 
Over the years I focused on the world of weddings and from 2006 I finally started to express my ideas and creativity through reportage photography, or known as photojournalism. 
A beautiful picture is something so subjective. It doesn't have to be technically perfect to be beautiful, yet it needs to be able to re-evoke unique moments and feelings. In one single image, there is so much to say and, even more, transmit to those who look at it, again and again in time. 
I am a very sensitive person, one of those lucky who get excited while waiting of the bride, or enchanted in front of a kiss at the sunset. And I like to get involved emotionally in front the love stories of my couples, this is the secret of the success of my "Photo Wedding Stories"
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