The simple beauty of window light is played to maximum effect in this image of the ladies preparing for the wedding. Gathered around the bride, the women mostly face toward the window for soft, flattering light on the their faces. The bride, a bit closer to the window, receives slightly harder light to emphasize her face and figure. It also skims across her dress to bring out the lace detail. This quiet, beautifully executed image gracefully captures the anticipation of this early part of the day.
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Elizabeth Golden
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Hi! My name is Liz Golden, and I am an international wedding photographer. Photography is what I was born to do. I absolutely love what I do and feel incredibly privileged when I am asked to be a part of a couple's most important moments. 
My father, a photographer by profession, made sure that while growing up, I was comfortable on both sides of the camera. In doing so, he awakened a gift within that enables me to capture a unique perspective of a subject in a photograph. It is for this reason that I developed a love of photography, art and architecture and I decided to follow in my father's footsteps to become a professional photographer. 
My passion for art drives me to defy the boring and create memorable, timeless and interesting images for those that I photograph. My true love of artistic expressions in photography comes from capturing the beautiful emotion and energy within human relationships: love, joy, tenderness, and passion. 
I have been honored by many with the privilege of telling their stories through the lens of my cameras. I hope to be able to tell your story as well! 
All my best, 
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