Fearless Photographers know that the real, spontaneous moment is almost always the best moment. Shooting from in front of this procession, this photographer grabbed a perfect shot of the bride being scooped up by the groom—and the surprised reactions of all the onlookers. The bright, sunny tones in this black & white presentation perfectly suit the levity of the scene.
Based In: Fuzhou, China
Average Price: $$$$
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Chen Xu
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About Chen Xu:
Being fascinated by impressive moments on wedding days, I decided to capture what I had observed and made it a whale of a story, that is, photojournalism;in 2011, I started my career on that.Being an observer is more than being a cameraman. 
Always, being stimulated by myself, there's an emotion and passion that touched my heart. They are just like the power of the soul, and keep me moving on the way of true love. All the above is the reason why you hire me for my wedding. It separates me from other photographers that I always read the story of the Bride and Groom while I'm taking pics.
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