Big blue spots of bokeh in the foreground almost distract us from the caper unfolding just beyond—where it looks as though the bride is being abducted! We'll probably never know what really happened, but we do know that the photographer captured the moment in a vibrant and interesting way!
Based In: Sacramento
Average Price: $$$$
Recent Fearless Awards: 3
Ari Simphoukham
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"Delightfully different and brilliantly distinctive, Ari Simphoukham distinguishes his work with his inspired use of composition, light, and perfect timing. Capturing split seconds that are unscripted and unforced, he unobtrusively documents every part of your wedding day as it unfolds, so you can relax and be in the moment. Whether it's a stolen glance, an intimate embrace, or a raucous moment on the dance floor, he'll find it and turn it into an image that can only be described as brilliant. Based in Roseville, California, Ari frequently travels to shoot weddings in San Francisco, Napa Valley, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, San Diego, and around the world." - Junebug Weddings Blog
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