When you've got a big emotion, why not put it front and center? That's what the photographer did here, placing the bride's perfect profile dead-center in the photo and boxing it in with the elements of the door and window. Despite the complexity of the scene and background, her fantastic expression steals the show (and makes us wonder what in the world she's seeing through the windshield!)
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Andreu Doz
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About Andreu Doz:
At weddings magic is always present, one just needs to be willing to spot it... 
What I really enjoy is capturing unique moments and fleeting emotions on people's faces.  
Every couple is different and every wedding tells a different story. I like being a part of it. My goal is to see a smile on my clients' faces when they look at their photos. My dream is to be able to photograph weddings all over the world without boundaries and limitations.
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