The golden light and cozy clothing makes this engagement portrait feel like the essence of autumn—and her windswept hair, encircling them both, certainly enhances the effect. Against their close pose, the real star of the image is her beautiful ring. Showcasing it in this lovely, romantic context makes it all the more meaningful.
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Based In: Greensboro
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Traci Arney
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About Traci Arney:
I'm a passionate, award-winning fine art photographer who happened to fall in love with shooting weddings. I've been named one of the top 50 wedding photographers in the United States, won awards from Fearless Photographers, WPPI, and my personal fine art work has shown nationally and internationally. And it's not uncommon to fine me climbing on things or laying on the floor to get the perfect shot for you. I love pushing boundaries or doing anything for the shot.
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