From an unusual angle, this broad view of the couple's emergence provides a nice look at the crowd that has gathered to celebrate. As confetti canons blast and arms wave, we get a real sense of the cacophony and exuberance of the event!
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Based In: Northern Italy
Phone: +39 335 1282147
Pricing: $$
Awards Last 3 Years: 1
Lifetime Awards: 8
Manuel Rusca
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About Manuel Rusca:
My name is Manuel, I live in Genoa and I am a professional wedding photographer. 
I like to travel and I work throughout Italy, I can be wherever you want a creative photographer to tell the story of your unforgettable wedding party. I love to tell stories with photographs, true stories in which emotions, surprises and beauty are the most important elements; I do it for a living as a wedding photographer, in a very important day to you where every instant is irreplaceable and I find an endless stream of inspirations the regenerate my lifelong passion for my job.
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