Awarded by Christina Craft: 3 + Jon Mold: 2 + Vinci Wang: 0 = 5 points 
A photo of a bride looking out the window and someone's reflection on the car window looking in on her. I've seen this kind of images lots and it's a common technique and I've done this many times myself. This particular image stands out from the crowd for a few reasons. First the side-lit raindrops are well done - no raindrops seem to be blown out either. The bride is quite close to the window and the distortion from the window makes her look larger. If the photographer asked her to have her face close to the window it was a good choice. The groom is then positioned to perfectly create balanced negative space between the bride and groom. By luck, the shape of the bride's gown (the way it's bunched) creates a little negative-space triangle that brings the eye from the groom's chin to the bride's lips. Their lips are aligned in a way that almost looks like they could come in for a kiss. 

I also like the lighting on the groom. My guess is some off camera flash/video light or a lucky ambient light source that ensured both the bride and the groom were lit similarly (which, if it was OCF or a video light it was well executed). The groom is positioned in the dark shadow area of the reflection, just past the bride's white dress. If he was positioned with the white dress behind his reflection it would have pulled the eye differently. There are a few distractions - the white of the car above the bride's head pulls the eye to the right... and the groom has something white near his elbow that seems to be burned down but still distracts slightly. The top left corner window also has a bit of extra light that pulls the eye. However, these are very small points on an otherwise beautifully executed car window reflection shot. 
- Christina Craft

Kemran Shiraliev

Moscow, Russia
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Kemran Shiraliev

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