We are dedicated to celebrating excellence in wedding photography and encouraging community learning and mutual support.

Fearless Photographers is the perfect platform for you if you share our values: 
- You strive to create distinctive wedding photography for your clients, even when it's not necessary. 
- You are committed to continuously improving your photography skills year after year. 
- You prioritize the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. 
- You have no interest in being predictable and love to surprise your clients. 
- You embrace the idea of being fearless and pushing the boundaries of creativity. 
When you become a member, you will receive several benefits, including: 
- A professional Fearless Photographers profile page that showcases your work and contact details. This page will feature a captivating photo gallery to impress potential clients, allowing them to reach out to you directly. 
- Your profile will include outbound links to your website and social media profiles. This will not only provide valuable search engine optimization (SEO) benefits but also enhance the credibility and legitimacy of your business. 
- As a member, you will have the opportunity to earn awards and recognition for your exceptional photography skills. 
- You will gain exclusive access to our private Facebook groups and become part of a community of passionate photographers. 
- We offer exciting projects and innovative activities that are specifically designed to foster creativity and inspire you in your photography journey. 
Membership to Fearless Photographers is available to professional wedding photographers worldwide. The cost of Fearless Photographers membership is $99 USD per year for each individual photographer. However, if there is another photographer from the same photo studio or company, their companion membership will be free of charge. 
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Founded in 2010 by Huy Nguyen, Fearless Photographers is a family-owned micro business based in Olympia, Washington State, USA. We will take good care of you.