Are you a Fearless Photographer?

Fearless Photographers membership is open to wedding photographers who are not afraid to strive for distinctive wedding photography. We are a very competitive, merit-based organization with a unique ranking system for our directory. If you're not afraid to be Fearless, please make a request for information and yearly membership pricing using this contact form.

How can I become a Fearless Photographers member?
If you're a professional wedding photographer who is not afraid to be Fearless, please make a request for information. Fearless Photographers reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone who we believe is not a good match with our ideals and philosophy. CLICK HERE

What does my membership include?
Your Fearless Photographers membership includes 
- a profile page with your headshot, business description, and one placeholder image (until you earn Fearless Awards) 
- listing in one primary region and one secondary region 
- 6 free entries per Collection with additional entries at $3/entry (entry price subject to future change) 
- membership in a private Facebook group at the Admin's discretion 
- use of our Availability Requests feature ($50 commission per booking, your first booking free) 
- friendship and camaraderie of a unique community of the world's top wedding photographers 
- intense and tireless promotion by our staff on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and wedding blogs

How do I find out more information about Fearless?
Click here for more information.

Who's behind Fearless Photographers
Fearless Photographers is the innovation and labor of the industry leader Huy Nguyen with support from photographers Olivia Vale, Shauna Heron, Karen Evans, Ana Arellano, and Elisha Stewart.

Resources for Fearless Photographers