Grandmother's Love

Photography by Ana Backhaus
Not every story has the ending we would expect or wish but every single story as a message and a meaning. This story is about love, bonding and connection.  
I started documenting the relationship between my mother and my son more intensively in 2020. When I started I didn’t know that in less than one year my mother would be diagnosed with cancer and 8 months after that was all she had left. I took every opportunity and never stopped, photographing them. In the middle of the struggle, it was refreshing to see such love and strong connection that was filing my heart with joy in the most challenging times of my life. I know my son was for my mother always “light” and that gave her strength in the middle of the darkness. 
This story is my attempt to put together a set of images that could translate how deep their bonding was and in the end still is because her love definitely lives forever in our hearts. 
March 2023