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Parenting isn't easy, but your family photos can be.  
I am not just a documentary family photographer; I am a storyteller capturing the raw, unfiltered essence of your life in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. I provide family photography for families and friends who value meaning over beauty. 
For me, family goes beyond blood ties. It’s about chosen connections and the friendships that shape your world. Photography shouldn’t confine itself to traditional family settings. Family is wherever love thrives, and friendships deserve their spotlight too. My lens captures the narratives unfolding in your daily life, not staged scenes in unfamiliar parks. 
My sessions are as FUN and easy-going as your family is (unless your family isn’t easy going, then the sessions are CHAOTIC and WILD, which are the BEST types of sessions). Sessions can be in-home or out-and-about, wherever your day takes you. Either way, these sessions flow with your unique family vibes. 
So are these sessions right for your family or friend group? If you’re here, my dudes, then heck yes: 
Maybe your family rocks a bit of rebellion. Perhaps you’re a clan of Star Trek enthusiasts (I confess, I’ve never seen it – don’t hold it against me). Whether you’re caked in mud from adventurous hikes or your playground is the urban jungle, it doesn’t matter. Whatever your family is and wherever you spend your time, you are badass and you are welcome here. I freaking love your family and you are going to love these photos.

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