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My philosophy is simple: life is breathtaking yet fleeting, love is fundamental, and photography is the closest thing we have to a time machine.  
As a photographer, my primary duty is to be present. To feel what you feel, to notice the meaningful minutiae, and to capture your unique experience in a way that can instantly put you in direct contact with those feelings, forever. 
My style stems from roots in nonfiction filmmaking and street photography. Formally trained with a BA in Film and Photography, my career has wound through such roles as director of photography in both nonfiction and commercial projects, documentary television editor, and even the founder of a boutique analog print studio with my wife.  
I was captivated early on by documentary imagery and its power to not only elicit authentic emotions but also its unique ability to transport people to the past. 
´╗┐Today, not only does my fascination with the art form itself continue to grow, but my photographic practice has evolved to become a priceless personal experience: repeated opportunities to deeply immerse myself in the present.  
´╗┐And let's be honest- in this chaotic era, being more present is something we can all benefit from.

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