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It's about so much more than clicking a button; in fact, that is the least important part of my job. I want to bring out your authentic selves, get to know you and connect. During our photo session, you'll see me taking the time to ask questions and get to know your family- not photographing stiff or posed moments, but your family's true personality.  
In another life, I taught kindergarten through high schoolers and supported parents, teachers, and administrators with technology. I've worked with children of all ages to engage them in learning, in the classroom, in nature, and around the world. As the second in a crazy family of four kids, I am no stranger to what it can take sometimes to get good family photos. There's nothing I love more than the feeling of belonging and togetherness that comes with family - and sometimes the stress and chaos of it all. Those memories are so beautiful and I'm here for every second.

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