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I am an only child. I was raised in a home filled with love. I was daddy's little girl and mama's best friend. I know these things in my core. But I don't remember them. 
I have more vivid memories of time spent with my cousins and grandparents, and they lived in different states. But the time we spent together was well documented because it was so rare. I think that's a big reason for "the why" behind this gap in my memories when it comes to my home life. The most vivid early memories I have are the ones that are supported by photographs. I don't have any photographs of me with my parents as a kid, and I don't have any memories of what that felt like. 
I want to give you the gift of memories. I want your kids to be my age and be able to look back on photos of an average day in their life and see the love and beauty in the ordinary. I want to show you how you love and how you are loved. 
That ordinary life is important. It matters.

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