Amy Dangerfield

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Amy loves real life stories. Even when Amy was very little, she would just pull up a little chair, sit quietly and listen to all the adults telling all kinds of stories for as long as she could until her mother told her to please go finish the homework or go to bed. Till this day, Amy can still easily just sit and listen to people talk about their life stories all day long. With her own unique experiences and perspective, Amy is also very excited to share with others her own life stories and thoughts. Amy thinks it's absolutely fascinating how this thing called "life" works.  
Beyond the literal stories, Amy is always digging for deeper meanings in life or in anything. She is always trying to learn to appreciate the beauty, the humor and the tender mercies in life. She wants to see all the good in the world and in everyone's life so she can stay grateful, hopeful and joyful. Family is the most important thing to Amy and she definitely is trying to have as much visual documentation as possible of her love towards her family and of the love she feels from her family.

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