Dagmara Bojenko

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I'm Dagmara, but you can call me Dag! I'm Polish, grew up in Canada and now living in France since 2014, I am the proud owner of a bionic hip since 2020, her name is Shakira!  
I am invested in working in an environmentally respectful way, limiting my consumption and the waste I produce, and buying most things second hand, even my photography gear. 
I am all about emotions. The good, the bad, the ugly, seriously you haven't seen my cry yet, it isn't pretty! I may actually cry while photographing your family or child's birth, not to worry I still manage to shoot right through the tears. 
I have never been able to lie...so even as your photographer, I will be open with you, and always honest. Be it pricing, deadlines, your choice of clothing for a shoot, my opinion on timeline, I am an open book! 
I have always been very attached to my longstanding friendships and this is also how I work. I imagine that all my clients can become friends and ask me to photograph their families over decades. It is so rewarding to be able to follow along their life events!

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