Bogdan Bucur

Based In: Bucharest, Romania
Camera: Nikon
Bogdan Bucur
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Bogdan Bucur

I've been doing wedding photography for about 3 years, and studied it for about 5. I'm still learning as much as I can, from exercising, watching as many CreativeLive courses as I can and going to workshops. I am a very friendly person and I try to smile, help as much as I can and stay out of the Main photographer's way and lens. I usually shoot with a Nikon D4s + 35 1.4G and a Nikon D750 + 85 1.4G , but I also own a 70-200, 20 1.8G, 105 macro + speedlights and magmood gear. I went as a second shooter for Marius Barbulescu, Victor Darii and Gabriel Constantin.
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