Jon Sun

Studio Kibo
Based In: San Francisco, CA
Camera: Canon
Jon Sun
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Jon Sun

My approach as a second shooter is purely photojournalistic. I'm always looking for moments, anticipating where and when the next one is going to happen. I take a lot of risks as a second, but it also depends on who I'm shooting with. If they're going for safe shots, then I go risky; if they're going risky, then I go safe. 
My goal is to create meaningful images for the couples, but also to take unique images that really have impact. In order to create meaningful images there needs to be connection, so I try to connect on a personal level with the couples. In order to create unique images there needs to be inspiration, so I try not to look at too much wedding photography. I try to draw my inspiration from things like art, cinematography, and street photography.
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