Razvan Danaila

Razvan Danaila
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Razvan Danaila

Hello there,  
I'm Razvan and I have been now doing wedding photography for over 15 years now.  
I love doing this job, with all the challenges and excitement and I like to keep busy and meet other photographers in this forever changing business.  
All weddings are equally important and I understand the pressure of delivering the best possible images to our clients, so even when working as a second shooter I feel the same pressure to be at the top of my game and make sure the client is more than happy.  
I was lucky enough to be part of amazing teams of photographers for big budget destination weddings and also local smaller weddings, so I'm quick to adjust to new priorities and have a great understanding of what needs to be done.  
Please feel free to take a look at my work and get in touch if you're looking for a fully trained team member for your next project! 
Thank you
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