Treva Wygle

Plan-it ink Photography
Based In: Dallas, TX
Treva Wygle
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Treva Wygle

(I shoot with Sony too) 
Don't let my location fool you or prevent me from a great adventure. I absolutely LOVE to travel and to experience new things. I am highly adventurous and creative! I have over 20 years photography experience where I started out in journalistic photography. I am very personable and lots of fun to be around! Although I am very laid back and easy going I take my photography very seriously! I feel transformed when I'm behind my camera and am so focused on capturing that perfect photo that will take your breath away!  
I am some what of a perfectionist with my photography but totally laid back and approachable to work with. I embrace light and love and always push the envelope to capture the perfect image. I love life, making people laugh and smile and capturing breathtaking images. I approach each photo assignment with the goal and desire to capture beauty in the ordinary, draw attention to emotion and make a statement with each photograph I take. I sincerely feel like an artist behind my camera and approach each subject as a piece of art!  
Let my adventure be your gain! 
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