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Based In: Toronto, ON
Camera: Nikon
Oscar Tosso
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Oscar Tosso

I understand how important it is to have the level of customer services that goes above and beyond what clients are expecting from a professional wedding photographer. Not only with the couple that's getting married, but with every other person who will be there, as family member or guest. I know this very well, as I am a photographer who has shot weddings solo.  
Apart from the technical and artistic skills, that of course are basic to do a great job, composition and exposure are also my strengths. My years working and playing with manual cameras and lenses is paying off. I t is very easy for me to compose and measure light to obtain better images for easier and faster editing and post production. I can work for the whole day in manual mode if this is important to you.  
I like to have a good relationship with the main photographer and respect their style. I also maintain respectful interactions with other professionals from the industry like videographers, wedding planners, DJ's, venue workers and any other persons who are going to be working that day. I like to have an open communication with the main photographer and coordinate the strategy that is going to be followed.  
About my style; I like to work un-noticed by guests and family members especially while the couples are getting married at the altar, and during speeches and toasts. During the reception I enjoy capturing people dance and have fun. It is a more relaxed part of the day and capturing people having fun is fun.  
I manage well all stages of the day and I am capable of capturing and creating beautiful images; continually making quick adjustments for better results. I control natural and flash lighting very well, and am prepared for all photography scenarios; inside or outside.  
I work with two camera bodies (Nikon D600) because the image quality that these cameras give is just stunning. I have a smaller third back up camera too. I use only professional Nikon glass; 24-70mm f2.8G, 70-200mm f2.8G VR ll and 35mm and 50mm as well and have tons of memory storage.  
If you as a main photographer have any questions please contact me at any time and let's talk. It would be fantastic to get to know you. We can also set up an appointment to go and have a coffee anywhere in the GTA. Thank you very much and hope to hear from you.
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