Claudia Gomez

Claudia Gomez Photography
Based In: Miami, FL
Camera: Nikon
Claudia Gomez
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Claudia Gomez

I consider myself more of a photojournalism and editorial type of photographer, I love to spend time with my clients and getting to know them so where the big day comes I could be like another invite and get some candid shots and unique moments because the couple feels confortable with me been there the hole time. I like to establish a connection I think that helps them get to who they really are. 
I believe in team work, two heads thinks better than one, so thats why I want to be a second photographer. both could be in two places at once and cover different angles, perspectives, moments or simply photos from the eye of another photographer. Also I could help with lighting set ups, help gathering groups and alleviate some of stress for the Photographer. 
I am a hard work person, enthusiast and willing to learn from others and respect them.
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