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Job Name Date Location
726 Kelli Wilke Sep 3, 2021 Westport, CT
CONTACT ME: kelli@kelliwilke.com

WEBSITE: kelliwilke.com

DETAILS: 8 hours, experienced as a lead photographer as well. Pay varies on experience. I need someone local to the area and who could take over as a lead in the event of an emergency since I'll be traveling in from the west coast the day before. Pay is $500+ for second photographer.
New Hampshire
730 Iryna May 14, 2021 Hampstead, NH
CONTACT ME: irynatrush.photo@gmail.com

WEBSITE: irynatrush.com

DETAILS: Hello! I’m looking for an experienced second shooter in Hampstead, New Hampshire on May 14th, 2021. 
Dual slot camera is required, Canon preferred. 
Must be knowledgeable in OCF. Pay is $40 per hour, 10 hours wedding day. 
*Please list your gear (Including lenses), shooting experience, and website. 
Email: irynatrush.photo@gmail.com
New York
729 Michael Freas Jun 12, 2021 Saratoga Springs, NY
CONTACT ME: info@michaelfreas.com

WEBSITE: MichaelFreas.com

DETAILS: 8 Hours 
70 people 
Swedish Hill Farm - Private Venue - Friends of Owner 
2nd Shooting and Assisting 
Will have some small solo parts so pay upon experience.  
Nikon Shooter Preferably but not an issue
722 Brynn VanBlaricom Aug 27, 2021 Memphis, TN - USA
CONTACT ME: Brynn@brynnvbphotography.com

WEBSITE: brynnvbphotography.com

United Kingdom
724 Adrian Neal Sep 20, 2021 Cheltenham - UK
CONTACT ME: anealphoto@aol.com

WEBSITE: thestudiowithoutwalls.co.uk

DETAILS: Second Photographer at a wedding half or full day.