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Job Name Date Location
607 Michael Freas Apr 14, 2019 Key West, FL - USA
CONTACT ME: 3058966314

WEBSITE: FotoByFreas.com

DETAILS: 5 Hours  
Cover Groom Prep and Details 
606 Gareth Davies Apr 13, 2019 Tulum - Mexico
CONTACT ME: hello@gd-weddings.com

WEBSITE: gd-weddings.com

DETAILS: Looking for a second photographer for 8 hours for a wedding in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. You will be responsible for getting ready photos of groom, detail shots, ceremony and some portraits, Photographers outside the area will need to facilitate their own travel expenses.
605 Ufuk Sarisen Jun 15, 2019 Beirut - Lebanon
CONTACT ME: ufuksarisen@ufuksarisen.com

WEBSITE: ufuksarisen.com/en

DETAILS: Second photographer needed for around 10-12 hours for a wedding in Beirut, Lebanon. Looking for someone who can handle groom preparations, details, portraits, safe ceremony-fist dance, cake cutting images etc. Thank you!
604 Shaunte' Dittmar Apr 6, 2019 Palm Springs, CA - USA
CONTACT ME: info@shauntedittmar.com

WEBSITE: shauntedittmar.com

DETAILS: In need of a strong documentary photographer for only 4 hours at The O'Donnell House in Palm Springs, CA. Pay is dependent on experience. Past Foundation Workshop student preferred.
603 Nick Stewart Apr 4, 2019 Sydney - Australia
CONTACT ME: nick@skippingstone.com.au

WEBSITE: weddings.skippingstone.com.au

DETAILS: Second photographer needed for 10 hours on Thursday 4th April for wedding in Sydney. Looking for someone who can handle groom prep, portraits, safe ceremony images, cocktail hour and is comfortable with OCF. Thanks!
598 Damion Edwards Apr 13, 2019 Pittsburgh, PA - USA
WEBSITE: damionedwardsphotography.com

DETAILS: South Asian (Indian) Wedding in Pittsburgh, PA Need a second photographer to assist me with groom preparation, lighting, decor/details etc. Prefer someone with experience with Indian weddings
597 Willow Haley Aug 3, 2019 Milwakee, WI - USA
CONTACT ME: info@willowsworldphoto.com

WEBSITE: willowsworldphoto.com

DETAILS: Evening wedding in Milwaukee. I'm looking for a second shooter who is comfortable with off camera flash - Canon shooters preferred, but not required. Thanks!
595 Lauren Lindley May 4, 2019 St. Louis, MO - USA
CONTACT ME: Lauren@laurenlindley.com

WEBSITE: laurenlindley.com

DETAILS: 8 hours outside of St. Louis at Haue Valley.
593 Nathan M Mar 28, 2020 Sheffield - UK
CONTACT ME: 7557909991

WEBSITE: nathanmphotography.com/doncaster-wedding-photographer

DETAILS: looking for an assistant wedding photographer to assist me with a couple of wedding s in Doncaster for 2020. Cheers nathan
589 Jiten Dadlani May 25, 2019 Sardinia - Italy
CONTACT ME: 646746559

WEBSITE: jitendadlani.es

463 Phil Bourne Apr 26, 2019 Hertfordshire - UK
CONTACT ME: phil@e-motionimages.co.uk

WEBSITE: e-motionimages.co.uk

DETAILS: I know this is well in advance but I'm looking for a second shooter for a full day on 26th April 2019. The church and reception venue are in Hertfordshire, UK. 
If you are free and interested in this please get in touch for further details.