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Based In: Colombia
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Carlos Mateus Steffens
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About Carlos Mateus Steffens:
Photography more than my profession is my passion and my way of expression. Through it I have the satisfaction of sharing the most important moments of other people's lives and I feel fortunate to be able to capture with my lens the feelings that make them unique, to make lasting memories with them ... the external reality of things, his sense and his feeling: the story that words do not count. 
I consider my work an art, because through it, I manage to transmit love as those who have let me witness it feel it. 
On each occasion, I will become a witness of his way of being, of acting, of living and of loving, and thus be able to capture his personal essence, as natural and sincere as it arises in a kiss, in a caress, in a simple glance, or in a tear ...
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
I am based in Colombia, but I can move anywhere in the world to cover the most important day of your life ... your wedding
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