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Based In: Athens, Greece
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Constantinos Anagnostou
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About Constantinos Anagnostou:
What gives me cause for continuous research on the art of photography is the joy of communicating with people and the need for creation and expression. 
I treat each photo as a painting where each of its elements must be examined. 
I am looking balance, simplicity, beauty. I find myself in the stream of romance. 
I admire the purity, cultivation and refinement of human nature. I am convinced that every person can be designated in a picture if there is communication. Therefore, emotion and expression have primary role in my work. 
My colleagues and I share the same passion and enthusiasm for our work. 
Please feel free to visit my website for weddings: 
Genres: Editorial, Fashion, Glamour, Art, Wedding, Advertising
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
I bussiness is located in Athens. It depends on the wedding and the date
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