Shayne Bampton

Based In: Kingston, ON
Phone: 613-561-3965
Average Price: $$$$
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Shayne Bampton
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About Shayne Bampton:
I sorta fell into photography after graduating from Behavioral Science (the study of human behavior - like those FBI agents on Criminal Minds but without the murdering and press conferences). I was drawn to photographing people on the streets living their lives and discovered (through working as a second shooter for a couple of fearless photogs) that weddings were an incredible rush of "you get one chance at this" and "wow there's free cake!" 
I take an adventurous approach to creating something personally reflective of each couple I work with and relish every second of every day I get to document a love story.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
travel within the 401 corridor of montreal / windsor is included but accommodations may be required for full day commissions outside of 350KM
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