Saravanakumar Thangavelu

Based In: Coimbatore
Phone: 9894262613
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Saravanakumar Thangavelu
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About Saravanakumar Thangavelu:
A self taught Indian Wedding photographer who have shot more than 150 Weddings across India and few in Singapore & Dubai. Driven by passion, and strongly believe the quote "Touching people's heart is limitless". I am learning and thriving each day to touch that limitless possibilities with my camera. Co-founded Mystic Studios a wedding photography company in the year 2012. Mystic Studios is made of people who believe in art and venture themselves in it. We all work hard on what we love, to capture and render your moments of happiness and providing it to you as a book of memories.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
I am located in Coimbatore ,India and i can travel any parts of world for wedding. I charge travel for fee for the same.
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