Serg Samonov

Samonov Brothers
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Based In: Ukraine
Phone: +33782553499
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Serg Samonov
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About Serg Samonov:
Photography in our life is not just fascinating and interesting process of ideas implementation, and is not just the way to give our soul an opportunity to speak by force of photography. Photography in our life is not just creative atmosphere and eternal search of new ideas and modes of self-expression.  
Photography is our Life.  
The ability to create allows us to tell this world about numerous issues. Possibly, we don't change world community, but we're trying to convey delicacy of every moment, to sense all composition subtleties and to depict them on our photos. We'd like to represent unique story of every event, moment, feeling, which have affected our souls. 
We are shooting with endless love of photography and photo art, and we are deeply passionate about what we do.  
Having once abandoned ourselves to photography wholly and unreservedly, we are trapped in its creative atmosphere, in the miracle of creation. There is no escape from it for us, nor do we seek it.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
I live in Paris
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