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Based In: Central Italy
Phone: +39 3336144785
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Andrea Mortini
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About Andrea Mortini:
Hello my name is Andrea Mortini and I'm a " wedding photojournalist". There are a lot of things that I could say to describe what I do but I think, like any good photojournalist, that the best way to express it is to let my texts and pictures talk about themselves. 
I was born in an enchanting town of the Italian hinterland and I have always been fascinated by cameras. When I was a little child every time I saw one, I checked it over and over to understand their functioning. The very first time I even came to believe that there was a wizard inside doing magic... blissful childhood! 
Time has passed since then and now I take at least one picture per day, otherwise I feel incomplete. I specialized in wedding photojournalism. It allows me to convey the emotions of two people who love each other during the most important day of their lives, and this is unique. That day I am the writer of the story, and my pictures will make it everlasting. 
I have chosen to talk about happiness through my pictures, I like to think they light up the dark world we live in.


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