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Katie Roberts

London, UK
Katie Roberts

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Reportage-style • Quiet observation • Wedding photography 
Moving quietly through each moment during your wedding, I capture moments that you may miss, whether it be proud smiles from your parents, or a joke shared between friends. You can trust that your key moments will be caught. Creating images that tell the story of your day, your wedding is captured discreetly, focusing on the natural, unposed, unforced moments when people are most comfortable. 
Documenting the highs and lows, and everything in between, your day unfolds before me - your wedding is one of a kind and your photography should portray that. Aspiring to create compelling and refreshing images, your wedding is captured through windows, over shoulders, in mirrors, through doors, in reflections, through flowers, and next to walls - making your shots interesting and capturing your day in a truly unique way. This style of keeping objects in the foreground as well as the background achieves beautiful and creative images of your wedding. My passion for weddings, photography and story telling will give you the confidence you need to know that you will receive the best possible memories of your day.
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