Constantin Ticu

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Based In: Romania
Phone: 721222315
Pricing: €1000 - €2000
Awards Last 3 Years: 0
Lifetime Awards: 0
Constantin Ticu
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About Constantin Ticu:
My beginnings were in the cinema. I've been working more than18 years in television, 14 years in the Romanian National Television,so the image was and is part of my everyday life. For me, photography is s more than a way to express myself, it is an "eye" that helps me describe the world, with good things, bad things, feelings and moods, with moments that are not going to be repeated, but remains in memory through photography. I do not like to talk a lot about me or about what I'm doing so I invite you to browse through my virtual pages of the portfolio and I wish you to keep in mind the feeling of my images.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
I'm located in the island of Borkum and travel fees apply for other locations, also accommodation for at least one night.
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