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Rob Betz

Rob Betz

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It's more than just the photograph you take; it's about the image you make. The artistry begins with the push of a button and continues in the editing suite when a photograph is turned into a work of art. I love big, grandiose shots with purposeful lighting that conveys an appreciation, respect and understanding of the love that brought two people together on their wedding day. I am blessed to share my passion with the love of my life and that makes what I do that much more meaningful. 
I've been a photographer for 15 years. A few years ago, I found my soul mate and we started working together. Sharing a passion for photography and video production, we joined forces to create Clean Slate Digital Media. We operate our wedding photography component under "Wedding Photography by Heather & Rob". We've never looked back and working together is amazing. We love working with couples who place a lot of importance on their wedding photographs. They understand the art of the craft and appreciate the work we do in a way that makes doing it that much more rewarding. 
We truly love what we do, and think it shows in everything we do. We hope you agree.
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