Emma Willich

Of Fate and Chaos
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Based In: Richmond
Phone: 574-387-1454
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Emma Willich
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About Emma Willich:
Hello, I'm Emma. I'm a photographer, artist, storyteller, wife, mother, adventurer. 
Authentically telling your story and capturing the mood in all of your moments is my passion. 
I believe in fate as well as chaos. Our most important moments in life are surely a blend of the two. The beauty in life is not in perfection, but in the mess that is uniquely yours and will prove to be your legacy. 
So thank you, in advance, for considering me to be a part of preserving your heritage and leave for your children the story of you.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
Travel fees vary depending on the location. It's best to email me for a custom quote.
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