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Diego Velasquez

Atlanta, GA
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Diego Velasquez

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The art that I enjoy creating and sharing is born out of the love between two people and my way to visualize and reflect that feeling through my lens. I am a strong believer that in the moment when a couple gathers in marriage, something spiritual happens, something indescribable that my photography tries to describe.  
I think that's my biggest priority when taking a picture, to transmit what goes beyond. I focus on creating images through an artistic and photo-journalist style, where the main concept is the depth of love in the simplicity of moments and details, keeping the spontaneity of the day. 
I have no interest in having the absolute control of the situation, but I have total control of how I show it through my photographs, and that freedom is something that has helped me to see outside the box, and not to stagnate. 
I give a big importance to postproduction, I take care of the details and I take my time to give that extra magic to each image, without changing its essence. I love the images with color, but ultimately I am a huge fan of blacks and whites; I believe that in many cases, they can reach deeper and powerfully to the heart of the public, and when you get there, you made the finish line first.
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